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Banana Processing


When your company comercializes the certified bananas from Fruits Land Ecuador, it has true fresh, tropical and healthy fruits. All our farms and production meet with the highest quality standards, control and international certifications. We have the best technology to efficiently mee tour clients and production expectations.

In Fruits Land Ecuador our technicians and specialized labor forcé are highly qualified to produce the best Sweet Premium Banana, that´s why we constantly provide the right maintanence to our facilities, optimizing our irrigation system, plantations, drainage system, recycling pools, packaging stations, excellent access roads and proper container parking along a warm and familiar environment in each of our farms.

All brands produced by Fruits Land Ecuador mean “fruits of the highest quality”. Our company meets our clients expectation, under the constant policies, variables and demands that the food industry demands internationally.

Our farms currently have the Global Gap Certification, besides being recognized by its proper agricultural practices from the origin of each plant on each of our magnificent fields and banana farms.

Only our fruit posseses the best quality and certifications in Ecuador. Check it!