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We are the sweet taste of the world, WITH THE BEST QUALITY

Ecuador is known as the country which produces the best banana in the world. However, our banana in particular is sweeter and more delicious than any other. We are Fruits Land Ecuador, a family owned company dedicated for over two generations to the production and export of the best Premium Fruit of Ecuador. No one equals our quality, fields, processes and production, from the seed, harvest, to the consumer´s table.
Our service and quality has no limits, we comply with every demand from our customers, depending on the destination and target, we develop packaging and personal labeling according to their preferences, culture and marketing analysis. Or, if the client prefers, we provide them with our prestigious brands, outstanding packaging and labels. Our team of executives and specialized technicians efficiently meet on a daily basis with the high demand, competitiveness and sustainability of the world´s banana industry.

In Fruits Land Ecuador we strongly maintain our unbreakable commitment with the environment, the social communities around our farms, producers, collaborators and specially with our clients, with whom we celebrate and comply a true responsibility and service agreement. We not only produce the best banana in Ecuador, but we are also the most reliable company in maintaining with our clients, the best “Fair Price” in the Market.
Welcome, we are Fruits Land Ecuador, the most exquisit and sweet banana of Ecuador.

All our exquisite fruit, is produced by the farms of Casatel S.A. To produce our brands and the brands of our customers in general.
All our fruit is the Best Premium Banana in Ecuador.

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Fruits Land Ecuador


In 1998, the visionary entrepreneur from Vinces, Jorge Caicedo starts in Vinces, one of the first premium tropical fruits in Ecuador, in Don Jorge farm, Mr Caicedo has always commited himself in achieving the highest quality production, achieving in short time the recognition as the most exquisit sweet banana of Ecuador. The company grows with the collaboration of his wife and sons and establishes as a family business in the production of Ecuadorian Banana, today known as Fruits Land Ecuador.
It is worth mentioning that the quality of our fruit is due to the quality of our lands, located in Vinces, Los Rios Province, in the heart of Ecuador. Historic fields that have been for centuries considered as the best and most productive in South America, from which, historically and traditionally, our delicious and sweet banana excels.
Today, thanks to the constant effort from our collaborators and associated producers, we have transformed into an important fruit export company that contributes with the economic growth and development of Ecuador.
The Ecuadorian Banana is an icon of great quality and Prestige, is the forcé of our people, culture and experience, is the iconof the best fresh fruit that is produced in Fruits Land Ecuador.
Without a doubt, we are the World´s Best Premium Banana.